Guardian Roof Conversion

Transform your exsisting conservatory into a more comfortable living space which you can make use of all year round. If your exsisitng conservatory roof answers yes to any of the following questions then a guardian warm roof conversion system is an option for you 

  • Waste of valuable living space?
  • Unable to relax to watch TV?
  • Too hot in summer or too cold in winter?

The Roof System is designed to replace the existing glass or polycarb roof of a conservatory while retaining the original windows, doors, frames and walls. At the same time providing substantial energy cost savings. Fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards, the Guardian system is a high performance insulated roof system comprising of a pre-engineered lightweight frame, Aluthermo Quattro Insulation, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior grade plywood, vapour membrane and a choice of external tile finishes.

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Guardian Sunroom

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